Wearing comfort with style

The ultra-light, flexible and stylish eyewear is comfortable to wear – experience the «wow-effect» yourself!

Perfect fit, modular individuality and 100% made in Switzerland – these are the outstanding features.

Perfect Fit

The unique fitting systems, consisting of 22 nose pieces and 32 ear pieces, ensure a perfect fit and prevent pressure points. Additionally, the optimal point of vision is achieved with every frame, as everything is individually adapted to the wearer’s needs.
The self-developed high-tech polymer enables an unparalleled, natural wearing experience – without compromising on stability and durability.

Modular Individuality

The modular frame system consists of over 15,000 parts that can be combined to create custom frames and collections, with over 1 million possible combinations.
Take a look at the best-selling model systems (see Systems) to get an idea of the diverse options available.

100% Swiss Made

The frame system is a Swiss product from the material, through development, all the way to production – and that’s 100% guaranteed.

Each frame element is an innovative masterpiece, meticulously crafted and hand-checked with a precision of 1/100 mm.

Swissflex is different!

Approximately one-third of the world’s population wears glasses, which are primarily selected based on fashion, style, and brand.Swissflex Eyewear also offers unparalleled comfort and maximum customization.